Music that soothes and heals, for spirit, soul and body

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Welcome to our page for Infusia:528 music..  .
   Originally, the music was for personal prayer time. While praying in my studio, I would play the piano, recording whatever I played, but only to keep for prayer only.  Then when we recieved a note about the music "healing and touching" someone very deeply, we felt led to release the music under the name of Infusia:528.
   Now, the music is receiving great reception, wonderful testimonials of God's hand on the music, His healing, His peace, His comfort being given to many people, some who have commented in beautiful ways.
Testimonials and comments:
"I had bad dreams, nightmares!!  But when listening to the music
   I now have sweet dreams."   Joanne - Texas
"I bought the music to play at my work, keeps the stress down."
"I have it on my Ipod!!  Very calming and soothing"  Bonnie - Texas
"We got the music for where we work.. A home for abused children
    It is perfect for the atmosphere of our job." -  Texas
"A boy was in a bad wreck, he was in a bad condition. They found
   that Infusia:528 helped to keep his blood pressure normal. Very
   cool how the music is anointed!"  - Texas
Infusia:528 on I
  Infusia:528 is on Jango Internet Radio Airplay, soon to be reaching
out to more internet radio.  Through Jango, we have been able to
be heard in places that has brought humility to our hearts.  Check 
out these comments from around the world!!
"Musica relajante y tranquilizante"  Carlos - Caracus Venezeula
"I love the various instruments used in the music played"  Pinklady
"Love the sounds, very calm and peaceful."  Doris - USA
"Nice and sweet!"  Max - Greenland
"Nice and relaxing...Love it!!"   Bernard - Inez Tx
"Like a breath of fresh air!"  Angel - Virginia Beach VA
"Great instrumentals."  Norert - Knoxville Tn
"Calm and expressive, relaxing music, very good experience!"
            Eauregal  -  Algeria
"Good sounds!"  Roberto - Caracaus Venezuela
"I lost two good friends in the past month. While I was thinking the
  memories of them, I listened to your music and my heart felt
  soothed.."    J Magel -  Winnipeg Canada
"Appreciate you!"  Susan - Milano Italy
"Keep on infusing us!"  Lash
"I like!!!"  Leonard - Venezuela
"Explicit!!!"  Silveir -  Athens Greece
"Calming and pleasing!"  Mayan - Korea
What was simple prayer music, is now being heard via internet radio, through online download stores!!!

  "In a world where stress is high!  In a time where peace is being sought!  If for just a moment of time, we can help you find this comfort and calm spirit, then we have done our job!" - Yanni

  Infusia:528, through prayer, seeking God the Father and His hand on the music, that is just what is happening, but more!  Healing for the nations!  We are blessed to see God use the music around the world!

Gallup NM,. Neuwerken Belgium,. South France, Dragoon Arizona,.. United Kingdom,.. Weiheim Germany
Zagrela Croatia,.. Szeklerland Romania,.. Netherlands,.. Costa Rica,.. Bermuda,.. Gadera Israel,..
New Zealand,.. Milano Italy, Findland,.. Paris France,.. Copenhagen Denmark,.. Instanbul Turkey,.
South Africa,.Dorteha Sweden,.. Montreal Canada.... Also through the USA..

  **Music therapy for the spirit, soul and body....  Infusia:528, it is music medicine for the whole man..  It is piano, synth compositions designed for peace and comfort, either for being in prayer or simple relaxation.. It is soaking in worship.."

Available through internet download stores: 
  and many more stores online!!!!   

The Story Behind the Number 528

When we had finished the first CD "Soul Therapy" our dear friend Paul Bibeau stated, "You should add the number 528 at the end of the band name." He sid, "It is a frequency that is being used by bio-chemist to heal DNA."  

Through study, we found it is octave above middle C. It is also a key of C.  Used in ultra sound as well.  Many doctors were telling of how this frequency was being used to heal people of diseases and complications. We found as the music was being written and recorded, much in the key of C, using this frequency heavily in the music, that as we began playing the music in services and concerts, that many began reporting to us of many healings taking place.  Along with healing, peace and calmness was being given to many who had need.

When asked, we say... "Its God's healing key..."

Check out the new release... Peaceful Spirit... available NOW!!!  

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"Stargazer: Infusia:528 "Creation" CD
Healing Music - The Sound of Heaven.......
    Infusia:528 is healing, it is peace, it brings calmness, it is meditational, inspirational, ambient.  It is a music that is called "The Sound of Heaven" in that the music brings with it great blessings to the hearer.

    With a current lineup of five CD's infusia:528 is a series of "music therapy" for spirit, soul and body.