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Terry Fancher

About us:  What is the background? Whats behind the music and the teaching ministry?
        Terry was born October 4, 1957 in OklaCity, and at
        the age of 5 was given his first guitar. Along with it
        came a challenge, "Learn to play and we will buy
        you an amp."  The challenge was then accepted.
        It was during this time that a TV program "Buck
        Owens and the Buckaroos" captivated Terry, as 
        he would watch Don Rich, week to week, playing
        the guitar.  Then came the British Invasion, 1964
        The Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan, with that
        music took a major turn in Terry's life. He knew 
        deep within, this was the path to follow.

        Other musical influences came as Terry grew up,
        The Monkees, to high school band favorites like
        Grand Funk, Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull, Moody
        Blues, Cat Stevens.  Looking back now Terry will
        say that they are all written somewhere in his music.
        After high school, while working in radio, Terry began
        to meet many of his musical influences. Along with   
        this Terry had a band "Gypsy" playing as much
        as was possible.  Life would make yet another turn
        when in April 1979, Terry made Jesus Christ Lord
        of his life. 

        Now composing and recording mostly his own
        music, with several vocal and instrumental albums
        Terry travels much performing concerts, special
        meetings, events and workshops.   
The music of Terry Fancher can be considered as musical teachings reaching into the depths of the heart bringing about peace and healing.  It is "Heart and Soul" music because it brings with it strength as well as a challenge.
The instrumental music, at first only a desire, was an area that was untapped for a long while. Through meeting and influence from former Jefferson Starship guitarist, Craig Chaquico, Terry found a challenge to step out beyond his "norm."  The instrumental collection of music has been used in a most interesting way.  In many cases as a musical "medicine" in the lives of many who have listened.  

With the new approach in music, Terry has had opportunity to conduct workshops, based from Pslam 144:1  "Blessed be the Lord my Rock, Who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle.:  These workshops are designed to equip the musician, no matter the instrument they play. play or part they sing.

INFUSIA:528,  is a new direction in music, instrumental  songs written around a frequency, 528hz.  This is a frequency used by bio-chemist to heal the DNA.  The study of sound, using sounds of nature, the heavens, the planets, and the stars, to work in line with the music to bring forth healing, stillness of soul and heart, peace and quietness of spirit.   Infusia music was originally music that enhanced prayer... With a challenge to put together a CD "Soul Therapy" the music of Infusia:528 was born..

The main comment concerning Infusia:528 comes in a simple statement.... "For such a time as this!!!!!"  In a world and time where peace and healing is greatly needed, meditative music as Infusia:528 was been birthed and given to the listener..   Music using the Piano, various other keyboards, along with guitars, and a great mix or orchestration form a music that touches and moves the heart and soul deeply..

A new avenue for Terry Fancher, but a most enjoyable avenue, as the testimonies for the music are many.  People from all walks in life have responded, many countries have responded with great support of this series of music CD and online downloads...  Infusia:528 is a special blessing for any listener...